Groups come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way for you to stay connected into church life. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in and make friends, no matter if you belong to a small church or a big one like Citipointe. Therefore, we value Groups as a way for you to get planted in church, meet new people and be around like-minded people who will help you grow in your Christian walk, who will inspire you, encourage and challenge you.

Groups can take the form of a weekly mother’s group, a monthly book club, a fortnightly Bible study group, or a monthly picnic. Whatever you need to suit your time and place in life, we’d like to help you get connected. If you’re at church on a Sunday, please come visit our Yes Desk.

Join A Life Group


Monthly @ 5:30 PM

Kids Welcome

Group Leaders: Josh and Tara Curry

Location: Windsor

Come hang out with our life group at the table, where life happens and is discussed.  Each week we have intentional topics of discussion and encouraging, open conversation.  Kids are very much welcome and will do our best to be done by 7:30 for bed time!

Email for more information!


Grades 6-12

Every other Wednesday @ 7PM

Group Leaders: Josh & Jaryn Guerra


Mums and Tums

Moms with Kids under 5

Group Leaders: Marleigh Maulsby and Becca Witler

Location: Various

Join our group of moms as we do life together, building friendship and support with one another, as we navigate this season of life together. Please bring your kiddos!

Email for more information!

“All in the family”

Married couples, Married with Kids, Soon to be married.

Wednesday’s 7:00pm

Group Leader: James and Mary Ann Graves

Location: South Denver

Come be a part of our family, in an environment that is safe and secure to talk about life’s issues, to strengthen, to reenforce, and restore family and marriage. We are real and talk about real issues while using Gods word as our authority.

Email for more information

Young Adults


Young Adult Men (Ages 18-35)

2nd & 4th Mondays @ 7 PM

Group Leader: Jaren Samples & Asher Gamino

Location: Windsor

Come chill with Citipointe young adult men as we walk through life together. We are intentional about building community as we deepen our spiritual maturity through the study of God’s word!

Email for more information!

“Young Adult Society”

YA Men and YA Women

Friday @ 7pm

Group Leader: David and Ashley Conley

Location: Various

YASociety Noco is the young adults ministry of Citipointe Church Northern Colorado. We’re a movement of young adults who unmistakably influence all spheres of society for good and for God.

Email for more information!


Young Adult Women ( Ages 18-30 )

Sundays @ 7:30PM

Group Leader: Kristie Dunnigan

Location: South Fort Collins

A company of women chasing transformative intimacy with Jesus. A place to learn of His affection for us as daughters and brides, and a place to be known. Together, we’ll fight for the kind of unshakability that comes with conviction for the purpose of Heaven and seek a deep revelation of our worth in the eyes of a King!

Email for more information!

“Young Adult Society”

Young Married Couples

Monday @ 6:30PM

Group Leader: David and Ashley Conley

Location: Various

A group of young couples who passionately pursue the heart of Jesus.

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All Ages

Wednesdays @ 7 PM

Group Leader: Rick Scadden

Location: Loveland

Citimen life group is for men of all ages, come hang out with us as we dive into the word and various books learning how to be men of God.  We are a band of brothers who take our walk with Christ seriously, and love building community with one another.

Email for more information!


All Ages

Wednesday’s @ 7 PM

Group Leader: Paul Ebsen

Location: Greeley

Citimen life group is for men of all ages, come hang out with us as we dive into the word and various books learning how to be men of God.  We are a band of brothers who take our walk with Christ seriously, and love building community with one another.

Email for more information!


“Heart to Heart”

Young Professionals – Ages 25-35

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

Group Leader: Ashley Miller

Location: Varies

Heart to heart women’s life group is meant as a time of fellowship, as we build relationships with one another.  We share what God has placed on our hearts each week, while providing spiritual encouragement and lifting each other up through life’s ups and downs.

Email for more information!

“Unlocking the Bible”

All Ages

Tuesday Mornings @ 9AM

Group Leader: Brianna Spicka

Location: Loveland

Join this women’s life group as we dive into the Bible to discover those little golden nuggets of truth. By using both the Bible and David Pawson’s book/DVD series “Unlocking The Bible” it will give us a fuller understanding of the historical and geographical significance of the time making the Bible come Alive!

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All Ages

Fridays @ 9:30am starting Sept. 22nd

Group Leader: Becky Hess

Location: Citipointe NoCo

Come socialize with us from 9-9:30am and 9:30-11:30am study/life group time. Our group will be going through “The Quest” Bible Study by Beth Moore. We look forward to building amazing relationships with you as we grow together and inspire one another in our relationship with the Father!

Email for more information!

Men & Women

“Active Life Group”

All Ages

One Sunday a month

Group Leader: Casee Ford

Location: Various

Active life group is for anyone and everyone. We meet once a month typically on weekends. We build community together by being active in our community. Activities range from bowling to hiking and everything in between.

Email for more information!

Men and women
We are taking this Semester off. We look forward to seeing you next semester!
Group leader: Laryssa Malay
Location: Johnstown/Loveland
Come and learn practical ways of learning how to hear Gods voice in a safe, loving environment, where we will practice His presence. We will go through the book by Mark Virkler “The 4 keys of hearing Gods Voice.”
Email for more information!

“Discover 10:27”

Adult Men & Women (No Kids)

We are taking this semester off. We look forward to seeing you next semester!

Group Leader: Rick Blissard

Location: North Denver

Discover 10:27 life group is based off of the scripture in Mark 10:27, that anything is possible with God! Come be a part of our community as we dive into worship and soak in His presence. By allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through us we will start to discover that nothing is impossible with Him.

Email for more information!

“I Am a Child of God” 

Men and women

Friday 7:00pm

Location Fort Collins

We have a good and loving Heavenly Father who passionately desires a relationship with us. He stands with arms wide open, greeting us with a love and compassion that surpasses anything this world could offer. He desires for us to be whole and complete in Him, empowered to change the world around us.

Join us as we grow together, pursuing a deeper relationship with Him!

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