Welcome to the
Citipointe Internship Academy!

The question is never about ‘what do I get?’, rather more about ‘who am I becoming?’. We believe that everyone is called by God to have an impact in this world. We have created our Citipointe Internship Academy to help you discover and confirm God’s calling for your life, while simultaneously preparing you for YOUR NEXT, whatever that might be. You may feel called to ministry, or media, or to be a great parent or to politics; an Internship at Citipointe will equip, train, challenge and empower you to take hold of all God has for your life. As you intentionally set aside a year and sow the raw materials of calling, study and training, we know that you will reap a world-changing, God-glorifying destiny.

We are more committed than ever to see men and women rise up to be all God has called them to be. We know that by doing the Citipointe Internship Academy you will be positioned to unmistakably influence your world for good and for God. 

This is YOUR NEXT.

Mark & Leigh Ramsey
Global Senior Pastors, Citipointe Church



Sunday & Tuesday + one other weekday

Select preference areas to outwork the practical components of the Citipointe Internship. Example: Youth, Kids, Young Adults, Creative etc.

$500 non-refundable enrolment fee



Sunday & Tuesday

Select preference areas to outwork the practical components of the Citipointe Internship. Example: Youth, Kids, Young Adults, Creative etc.

$500 non-refundable enrolment fee


The Citipointe Internship Academy is designed to equip local churches through intentional and highly practical leadership development.

The Internship is set up to provide hands on experience alongside in-depth teaching, that confirm and equip the call of God upon each student.

The Citipointe Internship is open to students from all churches. We would love to partner with you and your church.

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The Citipointe Internship is practically outworked in your local church or Citipointe location.
Lectures and tutorials are held at one of the following locations:

North Brisbane

Citipointe Church Redcliffe
195 Elizabeth Ave, Clontarf QLD Australia 4019

South Brisbane

Citipointe Church Carindale
322 Wecker Road, Carindale QLD Australia 4152

New Zealand

Citipointe Church Auckland
9 Rylock Place Pakuranga, East Auckland, New Zealand

Northern Colorado

Citipointe Church NoCo
5656 McWhinney Blvd, Loveland, CO 80538

Veronica Cerreto

Year of Internship: 2018

Current Position: Young Creative Director, New Youth Society at Citipointe Church Redcliffe

In 2018, I stepped unknowingly into a year that would radically change my whole life. I faced struggles, celebrated triumphs, was stretched and challenged but in the end, graduated from the Citipointe Internship with a crystal clear vision of who and where God was calling me to NEXT! Now, as I step into a new season of study, I am ready, called, purposed, confident, determined and transformed thanks to God and the Citipointe Internship Academy.

Ben & Joelle Cherry

Year of Internship: 2008

Current position: Location Pastors at Citipointe Church Auckland

We both did the Citipointe Internship in 2008. Now we lead the Citipointe Location in Auckland, New Zealand. Internship was an incredible year of personal and spiritual growth that equipped us for life and ministry. It gave us many opportunities to develop faith, character and leadership skills.

Jared Porter

Year of Internship: 2009

Current Position: Star Maker Winner 2014 and Creative & Young Adults Pastor at Citipointe Church Redcliffe

Internship are fundamentally and inherently about learning the ropes of a life in church ministry. I will forever be grateful for the foundations I built and my experience as an intern at Citipointe.

Maddi Tibbits

Year of Internship: 2018

Current Position: Citipointe Creative Academy and PA to Executive Pastor at Citipointe Church Brisbane

The breadth, depth and dynamic nature of the internship has well equipped me for what comes next. I have a richer relationship with our Loving and Almighty God, an improved understanding and love for God’s Word, a confidence of who I am in Him, a passion for His people, and an operational appreciation of His House. Best decision ever!

Ronan Paulos

Year of Internship: 2018

Current Position: Bachelor of Ministry Student at Citipointe Ministry College, New Youth Society Grade Leader at Citipointe Church Brisbane

I can’t imagine where I’d be without the Internship! It set me up for my future and I constantly see the fruit of it in my everyday life.

Duncan Reddell

Year of Internship: 2008

Current Position: Operations Pastor at Citipointe Church Brisbane

After taking a step of faith, I started my Internship journey 12 years ago in the kids department. From that moment, I have never looked back! After a year of Internship, in which I was challenged, empowered and envisioned, I was ready for more of what God had planned for me. Internship was the doorway to my future, and having been on staff now for 11 years, it was a great seed moment. That is what I would, without a doubt, recommend to anyone seeking their 'next step'!

Jacob Christensen

Year of Internship: 2018

Current position: Facilities Coordinator at Citipointe Church Pine Rivers and Graduate Paramedic

The Internship equipped me with strategies to overcome challenges in ministry by providing a strong scriptural foundation and embedding habits for my personal life to keep me organised, rested and motivated.

Katie Harrison

Year of Internship: 2018

Current position: Assistant to Operations Pastor and Events Administrator Assistant, Citipointe Church Brisbane

Moving over from New Zealand to do the Internship was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The course allowed me to develop my creative and administrative skills, as well as bringing me into a closer relationship with God. The year was full of stretching and growing both mentally and spiritually, and I am now a stronger, more confident person because of it.

Heidi Bull

Year of Internship: 2019

Current position: Serve Team Leader at Citipointe Church North

The Citipointe Internship Academy has left me forever changed. I have drawn closer to God and He has transformed my mindset, equipped and empowered me to do more than I ever could have imagined. Internship will grow your capacity, stretch you and unlock your potential, giving you permission to be all who God has called you to be.


What you can expect:

At the completion of the Internship you will have:

  • Gained an understanding and appreciation for how the whole church functions
  • Learnt to work in a team environment
  • Developed your ministry and leadership skills through practical experience
  • Received mentoring from Pastors and Leaders
  • Strengthened your knowledge of the Word of God through sound Biblical study and application
  • Progressed in your personal walk with God

What do we expect:

Each Internship applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Committed to the ways of Christ, and uphold the standards set in the Citipointe Heartbeat Document
  • Always punctual, reliable and diligent in work and study efforts
  • Commitment to all Church services, meetings and events
  • Submit to and come under the supervision of the leadership of Citipointe Church

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be?

To be a Citipointe Interns in Australia, you must be over 18 years old, or have finished Year 12. The equivalent applies to our NZ and USA Citipointe locations.

Can I work and be an Intern at the same time?

This is encouraged as the Internship is designed to grow big capacity people. Interns are welcome to work whilst doing the Internship, as long as they are able to maintain the requirements of their Sunday and mid-week Internship days and necessary Church events, according to their enrolled course.

What is the admission process?
  1. Check out citipointechurch.com/internship
  2. Review expectations and FAQ on website
  3. Submit application via website
  4. Acknowledgement of your Application will be sent within a week of applying
  5. Your application will be reviewed and your references contacted
  6. You will be notified about the outcome of your application via email
  7. If accepted, confirmation and Orientation information will be sent you
  8. Make initial enrolment fee payment
  9. Make personal living, transport and work arrangements
  10. Arrive for Orientation Day and commence Internship
Do I need a laptop or tablet?

Absolutely. To be honest, there isn’t much that happens within Citipointe Church that does not start on a Google Doc or Spreadsheet. Not to mention Elvanto, Basecamp and any other systems that we use to run the world. Therefore, each student is required to have some form of device (laptop or tablet) to use throughout the duration of the course. 

What are the standards that participants must abide by?

Being a Citipointe Intern is an honour and a privilege. For a whole year you will part of the behind-the-scenes action of one of Australia’s great churches. With this privilege comes a certain level of responsibility. Part of upholding this responsibility, is agreeing to our Citipointe Church Heartbeat Document and other legislative documents.

Can I do my practical work back in my local church?

Of course! You will participate in class at one of the Citipointe locations near you, and can outwork the practical components of the course back through your local church. For further information please contact internship@citipointechurch.com.

How long is the course?

The Citipointe Internship Academy is a 1 year course running in 3 trimesters. We have two intakes each year; one in January and one in May.

We exist to unmistakably influence the world for good and for God.

The Citipointe Internship Academy is a Ministry of Citipointe Church.